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    Airport shuttle to Jaco Beach is: US$100 x 4 pax  additional pax US$10 if you need shuttle service to other place, we will let you know the price. or Check our PRICE PAGE

    Note:We only accep reservation 24 hurs before of the pick up day, if you need a last minute reservation. please contact us to: 8831-0200

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    Costa Rica Shuttle service

    Costa Rica is a tropical paradise, the proud country with one of the greatest biodiversity in the world; not in vain almost 25% of its territory is considered an ecological reserve. As if that were not enough, the *Ticos* are warm, bustling and friendly people. With such an excellent host and outstanding tourist service, Costa Rica is a VIP destiny for those who want to enjoy delightful beaches and explore luscious forest. In other hand, Costa Rica is a small country and you can completely cross it by car, so think about hiring a private Costa Rica shuttle service is very tempting.

    Costa Rica is a really small country, at least if you compare it with America. Its area covers just 51,100 square kilometers or 19,700 square miles, that is almost the same as the state of West Virginia! But in such small area, there is comprised one of the most wonderful biological diversity. While it is true that there are plenty of domestic flights that can connect almost all states by air, it is much easier and cheaper to do it by land. I mean, you can go from border to border in just 14 hours, and from coast to coast in just 7 hours. That will give you plenty of time to get to know the country in all its richness.

    Costa Rica is your best destination

    The **bus system and taxis** in Costa Rica is fairly decent, even more inside the cities. But when you want to travel to another state, taking a bus can be very cumbersome for those tourists who do not speak Spanish well. Also, there is always some unscrupulous person who wishes to speculate on the fees for transportation services for tourists. In addition, traveling in buses is bored; you should stick to the planned route made by the driver or the bus company, so it will be impossible to make spontaneous stops. It *is much more economical, but also limiting.*It is possible to rent a car, this could allow certain range of freedom, but it is important to remember that roads and paths are not always in good condition. In other hand, trying to keep on track by using a map can be difficult can be difficult for someone who doesn’t knows the area, even more in the rainy season. This can be dangerous for drivers.

    From this perspective, hiring a private **Costa Rica shuttle** is a great investment. You cannot just go around the country at your own pace, but you can design your trip according to your interests. For example, if you visit the country and are a huge bird watching- enthusiastic, you can schedule a tour to several national parks that are the habitat of the species you want to observe. Also, you can schedule tours of extreme sports and adventures, hiking, beach days, surf days and so much more.

    Besides, road trips are a pleasure in Costa Rica, you’ll enjoy the beautiful scenery and stop where your instinct and heart says so, which will put you in direct contact with the local culture and its inhabitants. A private shuttle service will enable you to enjoy the magic of Costa Rica at its best and with complete freedom.